I love Blake Jenner like the day is long, but if we had babies they would be insane.

broadwaybound13 asked:
Hey Lindsay I don't know if you are still doing the q and a about ur health but I have a huge problem with pimples and your face is so clear it would be awesome if u posted a video or a picture of the products u use and how!!! That would probably make my life right now because I've tired everything and they won't go away well thanks in advance if u do do it:) love u Lindsay #pearceisfierce

I absolutely am still doing that video! :) I am accumulating questions and material for it :) 

I hope to post it up soon <3  

New NEW Twitter :)

My twitter is actually @winnieheather now, everyone :) Just letting you know :)

The @mslindsaypearce is a fake. Xoxo

Thank you all for the support and the love.


"Truly, this must be what heaven feels like.": Truly, this must be what heaven feels like.


Lindsay Pearce tweeted about having Spring Awakening L.A. withdrawals yesterday, and boy, was it contagious, because I started missing it too! I thought I’d write up a little blog post about my experience going to see the show, because I always wanted to and never did, of course.

Now if you don’t…

This is the most beautiful blog post. Thank you so much, sweet girl. I LOVE this picture of you and I. <3 I want to do the show again just for everyone that was so passionate about watching it. Kick those dreams outta the ballpark, lady. You’re going to be amazing in life.

There is love in Heaven; all will be forgiven.


I really really REALLY miss Spring Awakening LA


Me too, girl. Me too. #SpringAwakeningLA

Intro to your questions!
Fire away <3 

Weightloss questions/Diet questions/Exercise questions…

Hello lovelies,

A lot of people have been asking about my diet and exercise due to some recent photos where I look thinner than I was last year. Are you guys actually interested? I could totally vlog for y’all if that’s something you’d like.

Lemmeknoww <3



lauren-jauregui asked:
why do you sign your name as Winnie?

Winnie is my mom’s knickname for me. 
I also love Winnie the Pooh, so it works out  :)